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I’ve written articles and think pieces for various publications and online, including:


Attitude Magazine

I re-interviewed Michael-Anthony Nozzi; the subject of the Stonewall section of ‘Riot Act’, exclusively for Attitude Magazine, for a seven page feature for their Stonewall Anniversary edition. You can read the feature below.


I wrote for ‘Atttitude’ on the real-life inspiration behind ‘Sex/Crime’ here.

My interview one of my ‘Safe’ actors, Kit Redstone, for ‘Attitude’ here.

On Sandra Bernhard’s cult queer classic ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ film for We Are Cult here.


Gay Star News think-piece on carrying on the riot (act) here.


I interviewed radical queer filmmaker exclusively for a QX magazine cover feature (NSFW) here.


Attitude Magazine  -  Interview with Michael-Anthony Nozzi

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