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SAFE - Digital Trailer

My directing credits include:



My own verbatim piece on LGBTQ youth homelessness.

Norwich Theatre Royal.

Part of the theatre’s inaugural ‘Creative Matters’ season on Sexuality and Gender.


Over lockdown:


A digital version. Filmed in partnership with Hackney Empire.

Funded by Arts Council England.

Find out more about the digital version of ‘Safe’ here.

To watch the full piece, click here.

To view production shots, click here.

Reviews included:

My Theatre Mates: ‘Inhabited with ease by the out LGBTQ+ cast…all are excellent and convincing, bringing these tales into focus’.

Reviewsgate: ‘Touching and inspiring…well written, skilfully done’.


Reviews Hub: ‘The four actors completely inhabit their characters to such an extent that it’s hard to imagine that Jack, Samuel, Alicia and Tami are not playing themselves…under Mike Robertson’s lights, Safe looks stunning too’.

Theatre News: ‘Powerful and thought provoking…Gregory has assembled a brilliant cast that 'ooze' truth …an enthralling watch’.

London Living Large: ‘A compelling piece of theatre…the authenticity of the narratives and the performances shine through…it would be impossible not to be touched by the raw courage shown in these real stories’.

LondonTheatre1: ‘All four quickly make one forget that they have no one to react with except the unseen, online, audience and have the magnetic ability to draw the viewer in…the result is very moving….recommended’.

Once A Week Theatre: ‘Laudable…many questions are raised…a positive show…the spirit of the quartet shines out…Gregory’s finale for the show is strong…. showing four survivors who inspire’.

Gscene: ‘It’s easy to forget that this is not a work of fiction, but the brilliantly committed and natural acting of all four cast members brings the whole issue alive in front of us…directed with sharpness and poignancy’. ‘An arresting and sometimes challenging piece…a beautiful thread of hope runs throughout…uplifting but pragmatically so…powerful nuanced performances’.

Theatre Monkey: ‘One hour in which you will make new friends and form new attitudes for life’.



Directing the R&D on my new play.

Hackney Empire / online.

Funded by Arts Council England.


Digital directing credits over lockdown:



Directing writer Jonny Woo’s series of online monologues.

Funded by Join The Docks.

Click here to watch the full set of monologues.



Written and performed by Alistair Hall.

Presented in association with The Actors Centre.

Alistair and I co-produced and I was dramaturge on the piece.

Filmed in one-take, ‘Declan’ was flagged up twice by The Guardian as one of their top ‘Front Room’ seats.

Videography and editing was by Layke Anderson and PR by Alex Kemsley.

Click here to watch the full piece.

Reviews included:

The Guardian: ‘Vividly performed…compelling…Hall is clearly a name to remember’.

TheatreWeekly: ‘Fantastically written and performed…this digital offering reminds us how enthralling theatre can really be…allows you to feel like you are sitting in your seat in the auditorium, and it may just be the best in the house’.


LondonLivingLarge: ‘Alistair Hall, gives us an excellent performance as Declan…Alexis Gregory successfully creates an unworldly atmosphere’.

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The Reviews Hub: ‘An innovative piece of theatre…boasts powerful writing…an intensely tangible assault on the senses…structured well by Alexis Gregory’s direction…a surprisingly intimate production’.


Culture Fly: ‘Director Alexis Gregory makes use of the entire space, keeps the pace lively and gets his performer to engage smartly with a new audience, the camera’.


MyTheatreMates: ‘Pushes the envelope of the monologue genre’.

SAFE Production Shots

SAFE - Production Shots

SAFE - Rehearsal Shots


SAFE - Digital Version. Created and Directed by Alexis Gregory.

Declan - Full

DECLAN - A Digital Play Written and Performed by Alistair Hall. Directed by Alexis Gregory.

DECLAN - Interview with Alistair Hall and Alexis Gregory.


SILVERTOWN - A New Play by Jonny Wooster. Directed by Alexis Gregory.

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