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Directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE.

Theatre Royal Stratford East / Channel 4 / ‘Concrete’, Shoreditch.


Life’s a bitch…why not become one?


Welcome to the world of Dominique; a dragged-up, drugged-out glamorous ‘working girl’ in the throes of an emotional meltdown. She’s juggling Danny; her cute ‘bit of rough’ gay boyfriend, who’s got himself into a right crystal-mess and can’t put down the pipe, nor get himself out of the bathroom, and John; a stalker client at the door, who just won't take ‘no’ for an answer.



Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Staged reading as part of Team Angelica’s ‘Angelic Tales Festival.

Developed under the mentorship of director Rikki Beadle-Blair and John Gordon.



Channel 4.

‘Pop-up’ performance at the channel’s London HQ.

The channel’s first ever onsite theatrical presentation.

Post show Q&A hosted by Gok Wan.



Theatre Royal Stratford East.

R&D and four workshop presentations.

Funded by Arts Council England.



Theatre Royal Stratford East.

A sell-out two week run in Gerry’s Studio, presented in an ‘immersive version’.

Funded by Arts Council England.



‘Concrete’, Shoreditch warehouse space.

A special ‘pop-up’ immersive performance for Pride.

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‘Slap’ reviews include:


‘Loud, dark, comical, complicated, compelling…the biggest bloody ‘slap’ to the senses any LGBT themed play has given audiences in years…real, raw and edgy stuff…Alexis Gregory's performance comes at you with greater ferocity than Hannibal Lecter on a wrecking ball’.

Theatre Perform


‘Bitchily funny…dangerously dark…in-yer-face and sometimes in-yer-lap….a play of complexity…a full-blooded performance of great immediacy and an underlying sincerity…a bold piece of writing that takes unexpected directions’.

British Theatre Guide


‘Gregory stole his own show…bleak and black-humoured playwriting, combined with Beadle-Blair’s set design and direction was a graphic explosion…like its namesake, ‘Slap’ was impactful, with long-lasting repercussions for star Alexis Gregory’.

A Younger Theatre


‘Gothic, heightened language…Fitzgerald is mesmerisingly watchable…Fairs brings a quiet dignity to the role…Alexis Gregory takes the lead role himself; he’s terrific, batting acid-coated, barbed comments around the place’.

London Box Office


‘Not for the faint hearted…this play doesn’t disappoint…Alexis Gregory’s play hits all the right buttons and taking on the lead role himself he is mesmerising…Beadle-Blair's direction utilises this space impeccably and having also taken on the design deserves double the praise…despite being Gregory's debut play, ‘Slap' makes a unique dent into the world of theatre…a fantastic night out’.

Broadway World


‘Gregory whose first play this is, proves his own man…he stalks the stage in an amazingly revealing black corset and killer heels delivering a terrific performance…Frankie Fitzgerald makes the hunky Danny ultimately a rather touching and injured soul…funny and enlightening’.



'Brilliantly insightful and complex multi-layered writing...Beadle-Blair’s staging and design is brilliantly inspired…Frankie Fitzgerald is blinding…Nigel Fair’s performance is so smooth…see this play for yourself…expect the unexpected…as a debut piece this is as accomplished as they come’.




Written by Alexis Gregory.

Directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE.


Dominique: Alexis Gregory.

Danny: Frankie Fitzgerald.

John: Michael Warburton (Angelic Tales / Channel 4) / Andrew Piper (workshop) / Nigel Fairs (Theatre Royal Stratford East / Concrete).

Dramturgy: Rikki Beadle-Blair / John Gordon.

Set design: Rikki Beadle-Blair.

Stage management: Marie Costa.

PR: Kevin Wilson Public Relations (Theatre Royal Stratford East), Jack Cullen (Concrete).

Production photos / poster image: Jane Hobson.

Portrait: Claude Waddington.

Make up: Allison Edwards (Workshop / ‘Concrete’) / Benjamin Ip (Theatre Royal Stratford East).

Dominique’s gown designed by Jay Barry Matthews (TRSE R&D).


Produced by Alexis Gregory and Team Angelica.

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